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Pulling Up Flowers; A Book of Childhood Interviews

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Imagine a tool that would allow you to capture memories of your children...and they are an integral part of the process.  Make Pulling Up Flowers part of your reality!  Our book is something that you do with your child as you interview them four times a year:  on their birthday, the first and last day of school, and New Year's Day.  I can personally vouch for this journal.  When my children were just starting to talk (they are in 7th and 8th grade now) I was short on time but they were growing up so fast and I wanted to do something.  So I decided to come up with a list of interview questions to see how they answered them year after year.  I would handwrite this out in various journals every year.  One year I started thinking that I wish I had one birthday picture per year and their annual school picture all in one book with the interviews.  So that is how this journal was born and it has become a special tradition in our household.  And as a customer informed me (she was a psychologist), I have been teaching my children to think about and communicate how they're feeling.  What a bonus!

 Trust me, you're going to need easy access to this information for an elementary school project where the student creates a timeline of their life.  Don't be caught off guard!  Plus I think it's fun to look back to see who were the baby's first visitors and what the weather was doing outside. 

 From the perspective of a mother of teenagers, the most precious pictures are the one's that capture your child in the pure moment of enjoying their birthday.  My traditional picture is my child with their cake, and I love the smile.  There is something special about being sung Happy Birthday.  But whether the picture is with a cake, you, or grandma and grandpa it makes this a complete memory book.

No childhood journal would be complete without some thoughts from the parents.  These questions are to help you keep track of milestones and important accomplishments of your children throughout the years.  Nothing too profound or difficult to answer.  But sometimes it's the simple things that become very precious because they are about the every day.  Don't skip this's not hard!!!

 These questions show up in this journal exactly how I handwrote them out over ten years ago.  Why?  Probably because if my daughters still answer these questions at twelve and fourteen, something must be right!  My girlfriend has a five year old son who wants to be a construction worker when he grows up.  One of my questions ask: Would you rather go to outer space or to the bottom of the sea.  His response was, "Why can't I just stay on earth and be a construction worker?"  What a priceless response.  Don't wait another year, start the interviewing process today!

 The inspiration for this page came when my children started school.  I realized that their teacher saw them more than I did and kids can forget to leave out little details of their schooling experience.  So I came up with some questions so I could see where they were at (emotionally and psychologically) at the start of the school year and at the end.  Plus, now you'll know where all those school photos which are precious to only a parent.  Your children will probably cringe as they get older!

 The New Year brings about a sense of new beginnings and I think it's a fresh, happy part of the year.  Anything is possible.  So I thought it would be interesting to see New Year's through the eyes of my children and what they wished for the upcoming year.  Mostly the wishes were for "things", but sometimes their New Year's wish would be so profound that I was glad I asked!

Pulling Up Flowers; A Book of Childhood Interviews