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I've tried every calendar out there: Wall Calendars, Franklin Planners, Purse Calendars, Palm Pilot, Dry Erase Calendars. Each had features that I liked, but none combined everything I needed. One especially important feature is to be able to track the members of my family, each with their own square. Now it's like having five individual planners in one calendar. Plus I'm no longer the only person that can interpret the calendar since it's clearly laid out instead of being crammed into one little box! I love the Dibble calendar, my husband actually knows what's going on now, and my children have begun to take some control over their own planning. So much harmony delivered in something as common as a calendar!

My biggest complaint with the Palm Pilot was that I couldn't easily see my entire month laid out before me. I am a visually oriented person and I need to see where things are crowded (a lot of writing means don't schedule anything else!!) and where the schedules look open. It has helped my stress level immensely and has really helped me from over commiting both myself and my family.

Sometimes you need access to the past and the future. That's why we include mini-calendars for the prior year as well as a twelve month look into the future.

Where is that birthday invitation? Where did I put the permission slip form? I know I had that prescription slip somewhere... Wonder no more! We include a plastic pocket in the back of our calendars to be used as a "temporary filing cabinet".

Our calendar is light enough to be hung like a traditional calendar; yet we wanted to give you the option to take your calendar with you to the orthodontist appt, school PTA meeting, or wherever your day takes you. So we had our's coil bound to lay flat which makes it easy to write in and easy to flip back and forth between months without falling apart.

I wanted a snapshot picture of my families/friends birthdays by month, so we included that feature in our calendar. Now the only way you will miss any birthday/anniversary/special occasion is if you don't look at that page!

Dibble's Family Planner.  We love it and so do our customers.  Here is what they had to say:

It's Marybeth Zoller, with Discovery Toys!  Now that September has started I am realizing that I can't live without your calendar!  :-)

You have a great calendar. I have a four generation family, and this calendar hangs from a clipboard in the common walkway. Monica, Libertyville, IL

Your calendar was a life saver this year. There are five of us and we haven't forgotten a thing since last September! Many thanks. - Dina, Waterford, MI

I would like to thank you for making our lives much easier with this calendar! Can't wait for next year's! – Kathy, Brownstown, MI

The other "mom" planners give me only one space to keep track of my entire family.  This means that I’m still the only one that knows what is going on.  With the Dibble calendar, we each have our own space and now it’s easy for each of us to see what we have to do that day.  It’s like five planners in one!  - Cathy, Rochester, MI

This is my second year using the Dibble calendar and I love it!  I just wanted to write and tell you what a great concept the August to August timetable is!  It's so easy to record future commitments for my children as the school year progresses.  I just got information on solo ensemble that takes place in April- dates are written in the calendar, done.  Same for the swim meet in late January.  No loose papers to keep track of, or to potentially lose or misplace.  If I need to keep one or two papers I can use the pocket in the back.  The calendar is well thought out and encourages my children to keep track of their activities as they have their own box for each day. Thank you Dibble!  I love your cards and the journal as well!  Keep the products coming! - Terri (mother of three), West Bloomfield, MI