Scott’s Home Solutions…Ask the expert!

January 8th, 2008

Dear Scott -

My shower seems to run out of hot water after a short period of time.  My hot water heater is 40 gallons, I live in a 1300 square foot house, and it’s just us three girls using the shower.  The hot water heater was here when I bought my home 5 years ago and that’s all I know.  Shouldn’t 40 gallons be enough to provide hot water for at least one or two consecutive showers?  Do I need a new one?

Dibble Quick Tip

December 18th, 2007

*When you find yourself hungry, try drinking 8 oz of water first, wait 15-minutes.  Most people mistake thirst as being hungry.  After your 15-minute wait, if you’re still hungry then it’s time to eat!  - Ann, Rochester Hills, MI

* Make Santa Cocktails for your children. Fill a glass with ice, some cherry juice, sprite, cherries, and an orange slice. Stir and wait for Santa to arrive! “I use special glasses for this tradition and the kids love it!” - Denise, Rochester Hills, MI

*Laurie Hostetler, Grand Rapids, OH suggests…Chewing gum while peeling onions prevents tears. - Laurie Hostetler, Grand Rapids, OH

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Mind, Body, and Spirit Wisdom from Laurie…

December 18th, 2007

TO OUR NEW READERS: Allow us to introduce Laurie Hostetler. Laurie is the owner and operator of The Kerr House in Grand Rapids, Ohio. The Kerr House is a destination spa that specializes in returning their guests to the world from which they came with a more relaxed and healthy outlook on life. We have found Laurie’s perspective on many topics intriguing and refreshing. She has very graciously agreed to contribute to our newsletter in this column, which we have decided to call “Mind, Body, and Spirit Wisdom with Laurie”.

This Month’s Article:

We use the word ‘love’ lightly. “I love your hat”, “I love to go to the theater”, “I love my country”. We use the word love loosely when referring to an idea, a place, or a friend. On the other hand, there are many people who cannot say “I love you” to their parents, siblings, or spouse…or even themselves. In many cases, they may feel it deeply, but the words get stuck and cannot be expressed. The greatest joy you can feel is when you are in love with yourself, when you see the beauty within you and can see in total clarity what a loving, caring, kind person you are. And you are all that! If you know in your heart that hasn’t been your past behavior, then change it today. Make amends and start fresh. That’s one of the wonderful things about this life, you can always make changes, and you’ll find that the greatest joy of being a human being is that you can love and be loved. It is so important to live in such a way that you love and respect yourself. When you love yourself you can love everyone and everything, you can love all of life. Then life is good! - Laurie Hostetler

Pearls of Wisdom

December 18th, 2007

Pearls of wisdom come to us from many different sources and in many different ways.  I’m not sure the origin, but a list came to me via e-mail giving me the gift of twenty-one pearls.  I can’t fit the entire list in this issue, but over the course of the next several months I will keep publishing a few pearls that you may choose to add to your strand.  They may not be the answer to ending world hunger, but by incorporating this wisdom into your life, you just may make someone else’s existence (and your own) a little more pleasant.  And sometimes that’s enough to get us through the day.




1.  Don’t believe all you hear, spend all you have, or sleep all you want.

2.  When you say “I love you”, mean it.

3.  When you say, “I’m sorry”, look the person in the eye.

Meet our Mom of the Month!

December 18th, 2007

Meet Barb. Barb has been a “Dibble Disciple” from the inception. In fact, at times, her enthusiasm and support are what propelled this company forward. So I wanted to ask Barb:

Q)Dibble is married with a 12-year old daughter, eight year-old son, and 3-yr old daughter. At the time we came up with the idea of Dibble, your kids were the same age. Does it feel a little eerie? (For the record, Dibble’s family mirroring Barb’s was totally coincidental!!)

A)No, I just want royalties :-)

Q) Do you find yourself connecting with any of the situations that Dibble finds herself in

A) Definitely!

Q) Have you ever experienced your own Dibble moment?

A) For sure. My white undies are always peeking out of my low-rise jeans!

Q) With three children and your volunteer schedule, I know you don’t have much free time. But if you had any time to call your own, how would you fill it?

A) I play soccer once a week.

Q) What did your life look like before kids? Did you have a career?

A) I went from college to marriage to kids. We did travel overseas for John’s work (husband) before kids. Someday I’d love to try out a new career.

Q) Like what?

A) Right now I’m working at church with Faith Formation. I think I’ll stick with the religious junk.

Q)There is usually a difference between the dream and the reality. Thinking back to the time before children, what have been a couple of your biggest surprises between the dream of having children and the reality?

A) I thought I’d be into dressing the kids cute. Now I’m just thankful if they are stain free.

Q) Now that you have thirteen years of motherhood under your belt, what advice would you give to a new mother?

A) Don’t yell. It doesn’t work and both parties feel bad in the end.

Q) I think parents best resource is another parent’s experience. Can you think of a parenting challenge you had and how you solved it?

A) In general “things pass, it’s just a stage” I think it’s totally true. The trick is not killing them while you wait for the passing

Q)What is your favorite Dibble card?

A) I’m torn between the little girl picking flowers and the low rise jeans

***We talked to Barb’s family and here is what they had to say…***

John (husband): She never stopped being a great wife while being an excellent mother.

Nina(daughter): She gives me direction in life.

Connor (son): She does extra things for me that she doesn’t have to do.

Sara (daughter): I love her because she does good things with me. I like to play with her. I like to sleep in my comfy bed and when I call her she comes to my room. I love her to make beautiful food and I love to eat ice cream with her.

Do you know somebody who deserves to be honored for being the mom and the woman that she is? Email us @ and tell us why we should feature her as our Mom of the Month.

I’ve Been Thinking: Can your thoughts create your reality?

December 18th, 2007

I was talking to my girlfriends the other day…  I thought this was the perfect title for our new interactive blog.  I had a group of girlfriends over the other night and I sat back and listened to the topics change from one thing to another and the range of perspectives was really interesting.  I wondered what would happen if I broadened my circle of friends to include all of you.  What do you want to talk about?  I’ll start… I’VE FINALLY read the book The Secret which is all about creating your reality through the power of intention.  This is not a new concept; it’s only called something new.  Intuitively, we knew that positive thinkers were happier and they seemed to have an abundance of good things happening for them.  But The Secret is the tool that was brought into my life at seemingly the most perfect time.  I am now 100% positive 100% of the time.  And let me tell you, it’s harder than you think. Just today I forgot about some appointments I had to sell my journal. I was running around my house and couldn’t find my contact list that was going to tell me where I needed to be and when.  I just could not find that thing and my stress level was rising.  It’s Monday and I kept mumbling to myself (although in my head…I’m not crazy!), “I can’t believe I lost that thing; is that the way it’s going to be today…I’m going to keep losing things?”  Well, it seems that I created my own reality.  A couple of hours later I was looking for an invoice for one of my clients and I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Again, in my mind, I kept mumbling “I keep losing things today…” and then I stopped.  Because I realized what I was doing.  I immediately changed my mind talk to “I’m going to be so happy to find that invoice; I know I can find it.”  And sure enough, I did within a minute.  It was like I was led to it.  Small scale and maybe I just needed to calm down to remember what I did with the paper.  Or maybe I changed my reality.  I have, in the past, talked myself out of being sick.  I do believe in the power of thought, but sometimes it’s easier to lament and just be more passive about the way life is.  I’m on a quest to create my reality and my first step was writing down my intentions regarding being able to provide financially for my family.  Now, I’m not going to share the gritty details, but I spend 5 minutes at night and 5 minutes in the morning (if that) envisioning what I intend and it’s kind of exciting waiting to see how that will manifest.  Has anyone else read The Secret and tried to incorporate that into their lives?

E-Mail Forwards Worth Passing On: Blinded Teenager…

December 18th, 2007

From Reader’s Digest – March 2006  The teenage boy seemed placid as I approached his hospital bed to give him a psychiatric evaluation.  His mother was seated nearby, immersed in her knitting.  I walked over and introduced myself to the boy.  He looked right through me and started screaming:  “I can’t see!  I can’t see!”  I had never witnessed such a dramatic example of hysterical blindness.  “How long has this been going on?”  I asked his mother.  Without looking up she replied, “Ever since you stepped in front of his television.”   Isaac Steven Herschkopf, MDThe New York Times